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Video Thumbnail for Ariel | Cuban/Latin American Guitar & Vocals
Video Thumbnail for Ariel | Cuban/Latin American Guitar & Vocals
Video Thumbnail for Ariel | Cuban/Latin American Guitar & Vocals
Video Thumbnail for Ariel | Cuban/Latin American Guitar & Vocals
  • Male Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
  • Sets available – 2 x 45 minutes
  • Repertoire includes Traditional & Contemporary Cuban/Latin American Jazz
  • Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs & Clubs
  • UK Coverage
  • Can rehearse 1 request
  • Ideal Performance area 2m x 2m
  • PA catering for up to 200 guests included in price

Ariel is a Cuban musician and composer with many years of experience as an acoustic guitarist and vocalist as well as being a full time songwriter.  He regularly performs concerts as a soloist or accompanied by other excellent musicians.  He is available for private bookings such as weddings, corporate events and birthdays parties and is ideal for clients who appreciate this music form or are after something different and unique for their event.

He has published two albums; the first, “Ariel”, with the label (SFO original sound future 2005) and the second, “Respira” auto-production (SGAE) in 2013.  His music is part of what is known as the “Contemporary Cuban song “: this is an evolution of Cuban music, that is, freedom from songs made without forgetting its roots. The influences are varied: Pop, Rock, Blues, Bossa, Jazz, Latin American song, among others.  His two albums are clearly conceptual, based on a unifying thought, so each song independently suggests new ways.

It is worth noting the variety of styles Ariel uses in his compositions and performances with his guitar.  With excellent technique delivered from his classical training and using elaborate harmonies in his songs and interpretations, making for compelling and expressive live performances.  Most of his repertoire is in Spanish but usually ventures into English and Portuguese.  Besides offering his own repertoire, included in his two albums, thanks to his years of experience in traditional Cuban music, Ariel easily interprets many classics from his native country: bolero, son, cha-chá, guaracha and other genres.

Ariel is also happy to rehearse one request such as a first dance at a wedding reception at no extra cost.  He is fully self contained supplying all the equipment for his performance and can cater for up to 200 guests.


“Traditional Cuban Music”

  1. Son de la loma
  2. Guantanamera
  3. El cuarto de tula
  4. María Cristina
  5. Chanchan
  6. Bésame mucho
  7. Contigo en la distancia
  8. Carnaval
  9. Quizás, quizás
  10. Convergencia
  11. El manisero
  12. Lágrimas Negras
  13. La negra tomasa
  14. Perla marina
  15. Dos gardenias
  16. Veinte Años

Own works:-


  1. Ariel Rodó
  2. Para legalizarlo
  3. Café y cantantes
  4. Conga triste
  5. El tiempo y el árbol
  6. Verde-gris
  7. Tentaciones
  8. Resfriado
  9. Sólo tus ojos saben
  10. Noche de chama
  11. Corsario
  12. Aislada


  1. Respira
  2. Blablablá
  3. In Vitro
  4. Misterio hueco
  5. Inconclusa
  6. Adivinanza
  7. Predomina el blues
  8. Arroz
  9. En el tren
  10. Epílogo
Additional Services

Is happy to rehearse 1 request.

Also available with other musicians, contact us for details.

Audio Samples
  • Adivinanza
  • Cafe y Cantantes
  • Conga Triste
  • Consario
  • Misterio Hueco
  • BlaBlaBla
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