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Circus Skills Performer

Circus performer Adrian has over 20 years experience as a children’s entertainer and circus performer. He offers a range of packages from circus skills workshops, circus fun and games for young children, balloon modelling and as a walkabout street performer.  He caters for all types of events including birthday parties, school events, team building, product launches & exhibitions,  galas/fetes and open days.

Circus Skills Workshops

Have a circus skills workshop at your party or team building event and learn how to be a circus performer. This package is suitable for 8 years and over with enough equipment for up to 40 guests. Adrian will coach your guests in a fun and light hearted manner in the following activities:-

Unicycling :- Learn how to ride and balance on a One Wheeled Bicycle.

Juggling Basics :- Learn the fine art of throwing many scarfs or balls into the air and catching them… Only to throw them all in the air again!!

Juggling Advanced :- Move onto the Clubs and the Rings learning to keep momentum and spin in balance. How many will you try??

Stilt Walking :- Watch as Leyo the Clown becomes 10ft tall!! Then have a go yourself!!(On shorter stilts)

Diablo : – Learn how to make the Diablo spin on the string, then Launch it into the air, only to Catch it again!

Tightrope :- Try out our Low ground Tightrope and feel the excitement of the High-Wire (Whilst being safely close to the ground )

Spinning Plates :- Take One Stick. One Plate. Then Spin! ( Not as easy as it sounds )

Circus, Fun & Games

This party is ideal for young children from 4+ years and is a unique mix of comedy, clowning around, party games, a circus show and balloon modelling. The first half of the party is a mix of party games & competitions suitable for the age group being entertained. Party games include all the traditional favourites such as musical statues, musical bumps, island hopping, pass the bag instead of pass the parcel using his own colourful cloth bags.

The second half of the party is a comedy circus show which only goes right when the children help out. Adrian will perform amazing circus skills show in juggling, plate spinning, diablo, stilt walking and unicycling in a slapstick style. To finish Adrian will make balloon models for all the children to take home.

Walkabout Performer / Street Performer

If you organising a fete / gala, product launch, open day or corporate event then Adrian is the ideal choice to mingle with the crowd performing circus skills and clowning around to lift the atmosphere and add more attraction to your event.

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