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DefinitionsQL Entertainment will be referred to herein as follows – QL, us, we, our, ourselves.  The client will be referred to as the client, you, their or they.  Parties will refer to all groups involved in a said event, ie. The client, QL, third party client(s).  The use of the word Contract or Terms and Conditions refers to this document.  The use of the term Booking Schedule refers to the booking details outlined in writing to a said events requirements.  Contractor(s) refers to personnel, ie. acts and other companies who work through QL to service all parties requirements.

Booking Process – All bookings will be confirmed in writing by post or email and a deposit paid if stated in booking schedule supplied by QL.  The client must confirm the booking or pay the deposit by the date stated in the booking schedule or the booking will be deemed void.  Once the confirmation/deposit payment has been received the booking will be subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.

Alterations to the booking schedule by the client can be made and must be given in writing at the soonest possible opportunity as any changes arise. If the alteration to the booking is date or time related this is subject to our availability to undertake this change. If we cannot fulfil the booking under said circumstances then the booking will be subject to our cancellation of bookings below.

Fees –Payment of fees should be made by the date stated in the booking schedule.  Late payments will be subject to interest charges of 3% above the Bank of England base rate at that given time, at our discretion.  We reserve the right to suspend our service if payment is not received.  Any outstanding payments that result in legal action being sought, the client will be liable to pay additional expenses involved in the collection of said debts

Cancellation of Bookings – The client has the right to cancel an event(s) in cases of ‘FORCE MAJEURE’, (as defined below) provided that the client informs QL as soon as reasonably practicable on becoming aware of the Force Majeure Event.  If The client cancels an event(s) for any reason other than a Force Majeure, they shall be liable to pay a cancellation fee, calculated as follows:

The client has the right to cancel an event(s) within 7 days of initially receiving the booking confirmation without consequence.

Cancellation of booking(s) outside of 60 days will incur 20% cancellation fee or retention of any deposit payment(s) made, payable in respect of the event fee(s).

Cancellation of booking(s) between 59-31 days prior to an event’s date will incur 50% cancellation fee payable in respect of the event fee(s).

 Cancellation of booking(s) within 30 days prior to an event’s date will incur 100% cancellation fee payable in respect of the event fee(s).

Cancellation fees will be in accordance with our Fees section above.

Complaints – If through our own fault or that of the contractor(s) we are unable to fulfil part of the booking schedule or a complaint arises against us for any reason and the client would like to claim a reduction in the fees, a complaint must be made in writing to us no more than 30 days after the event date, outlining all details and evidence of issues occurring.  We will make best endeavours to negotiate a settlement between the client and the acts or parties involved to obtain a satisfactory outcome with respect to the complaint.  Any settlement will not exceed the booking fee agreed for said event as laid out in the booking schedule.  The client hereby agrees not to hold QL responsible in the event of a complaint arising from one of our contractors however we will act as mediators to negotiate a satisfactory settlement for the client.

Use of Alternative Contractors – We reserve the right to substitute an appropriate contractor if they become unavailable due to liquidation of employment or a force majeure event, (as defined below).  We will however use best endeavours to substitute a satisfactory replacement to fulfil any events effected.  In the unlikely event a substitution cannot be made from within our portfolio we will endeavour to substitute an alternative contractor from a third party on your behalf.  In all instances we will not be held responsible for any lack of performance standards on their behalf.  There will be no reduction in our fees for use of any substitute(s).  However the client has the right to cancel the contract at the point a substitution is offered if they deem the alternative contractor is not suitable.  Any payments made by the client to QL or the original contractor mentioned in the booking schedule will be refunded.

Our Service Guarantee – We and our contractors agree to provide a performance/service that is to the best of our ability, and reflects fully the likeness as known to the client or as advertised or outlined in the booking schedule.  We will adhere to the client’s wishes where reasonably possible, be polite and courteous with the client, their guests and all venue staff and other contractors working on said event.  We and our contractors agree to provide all equipment required to undertake a given event as set out in the booking schedule.  It is our responsibility and that of our contractors to ensure the good working order and safety of any equipment used on a said event, and to obtain all necessary insurances & certification.  As a mobile entertainment company it is QL’s and the contractor’s responsibility to travel/delivery the product/service to a given location as set out in the booking schedule. Our contractors shall be suitably and tidily dressed during a said event except with the consent of the client or where the wearing of other attire is requested for a given event as far as reasonably possible.  Requested attire which needs to be hired, ie fancy dress, maybe charged as an additional expense.

Re-engagements – The contractor(s) will be liable to pay the same rate of commission if re-engaged by the client within a 12 month period in respect of the event date stated in the booking schedule.  Any enquiries regarding re-engagement of said contractor(s) should be referred back to QL.

The Client’s Responsibilities – The client must ensure that the performance venue is able to provide a safe and adequate way to access a source of power, a safe performance area and that they can accommodate the performance by possessing appropriate licenses.  Any licenses or royalty payments on copyrighted material being performed is the responsibly of the client.  The client will ensure the preservation of good order and adequate supervision of persons attending a said event in respect to minors.  Aggressive and abusive behaviour by person(s) attending said event aimed at QL personnel or contractors will not be tolerated.  Unless the perpetrator(s) of these incidents are removed from the venue or subdued entertainment will cease immediately and may be withdrawn for the said event.  Full payment will still remain due as set out in this contract.

Force Majeure Events – A “Force Majeure Event” occurs where either the client, QL or the contractor(s) is unable to comply with its obligations under this contract for a reason outside of its control (such as war, act of God, fire, death, epidemic, serious illness or accident, civil commotion, national calamity, order of Government or Local Authority having jurisdiction in the matter, changes in the law, foreign government policy) and which is not attributable to any act or failure to take preventive action by the client, QL or contractor(s).

General – The equipment used by QL or our contractors is for the sole purpose of serving a said event(s) as outlined in the booking schedule.  The equipment may only be used on dates confirmed in the booking schedule and then only operated by authorised personnel from either QL or one of our contractors unless permission has been sort from ourselves or the contractor or is outlined in the booking schedule.

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